Some idiots want to ban All of My Friends Died in Plane Crashes.

As you probably know, banning books from schools and libraries has become a big thing with extremist idiots in recent times. Well, even before its release date (October 15, 2022) All of My Friends Died in Plane Crashes is under attack – and I’m pissed off.

Apparently, an advance copy of the book got into the hands of some self-righteous ratbag who was offended by the use of the dreaded “C-word” (they did an auto count and found it appeared in the book 113 times) as well as the “level of violence.”

Anyone at all in touch with reality knows that the average person is more open-minded than ever and believes in the protection of free speech provided by the First Amendment.

I have now been notified that legal action has been initiated to prevent the book’s release and, while I feel there is little chance the court would rule in favor of that, I felt it best to put an 18+ warning on both the book and this website’s landing page.

Please, give the book a chance, and let your Senators and reps know that book banning denies freedom of speech and it is up to you what you read or watch.

Rock on,
Adrian Zupp